AI App for Happier Marriage and Romantic Relationship - Beta release!

[Ringi] AI App for Happier Marriage and Romantic Relationship - Beta release!

Ringi, an AI app for couples aimed to support in maintaining healthy relationships, now is launching a beta version of the app.

Ringi AI App for Happier Marriage and Romantic Relationship - Beta release

Ringi has released Beta Version AI APP

Ringi Co., Ltd (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Karatayev Yerzhan) has released a beta version of an AI app for couples in two languages, Japanese and English, ahead of the official version.

AI App Ringi for Couples “Development Background”

In anticipation of the future of society, where the birth rate is declining along with the fast development, the Ringi app started with the idea that technology and engineering could support the bonds between people. In today's busy working society, we use various digital tools to improve working efficiency, however the same way human relationships can be guided in a better direction by using. Ringi uses AI (artificial intelligence) assistant to make the relationship maintenance convenient and applicable to everyone just spending 5 minutes daily.

In 2022, we were selected for the Shibuya Startup Support, and we are promoting the planning and development of applications by strengthening cooperation with the government and experts.

AI App Ringi for Couples “Beta Version”

Ringi has released the beta version, an AI app for couples, ahead of the official version.

Beta version of the app is now available through the link:

Messages from Ringi’s co-founders

Ringi CEO : Yerzhan Karatayev

Yerzhan started his career as a programmer when he was an undergraduate student. He was always burning with ideas and since his student years, he led various projects and presented innovative solutions. Later he worked in an American startup as one of the early employees and got broad experience in how a startup works. He worked at Rakuten in Japan, then was also involved in an American startup as a co-founder, which was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 North America. His great passion for interpersonal relationships grew into the startup Ringi, which is based in Tokyo, Japan.

There are many dating apps to get matched for single people. There are many social networking apps for connecting with friends. But there are not so many relationship apps for married people!

Every married couple wants to feel supported, loved, and meaningful but it is very difficult to maintain such a relationship. Ringi provides the best relationship maintenance tools with a very simple interface.

Yerzhan Karatayev

Ringi Co-Founder: Yerkezhan Karatayeva

Yerkezhan has been passionate about writing and psychology since her youth, authoring essays for competitions as an undergraduate student. Her desire to create different stories, to put her thoughts into words, led her to co-found a startup, for which she wrote all the scripts for the games in the city. She also worked in digital marketing for different companies and had experience as a journalist. Then in Japan, she received an MBA degree to pursue her further path in business. Her interest in psychology and relationships showed up in Ringi, where she is a co-founder.

CEO, Yerzhan Karatayev​
Ringi Co., Ltd​
Shibuya Jinnan 1-11-3
Shibuya city, Tokyo
150-0041 JAPAN