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Free eBook from Ringi

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Both newlyweds and mature couples want to know ways to maintain good relationships in their marriage.

There will be times of stress and lack of communication, but there will also be heartwarming moments that are captured in pictures in the family album. Marital life, with its ups and downs, can be smoother and happier if the essentials of "22 Rules of a Happy Marriage" are followed.

A happy marriage does not occur by accident; it is the result of the spouses working together.

Free eBook from Ringi

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About us

株式会社Ringi is a startup company established on June 1, 2022, and set the goal to create services and products specifically related to love and relationships. We are working to support the love and relationship affairs of people, and bring happiness and fulfillment to everyone.


To provide the best relationship tools for everyone


To be the most relationship-centric company; To create the world where everyone feels supported, loved, and meaningful, by providing the best AI-assistant.

Upgrade your relationship with Ringi, an AI app for adult couples.

The Ringi application is currently under development for official release.

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