[Valentine’s Day Special Interview with manga artist] A married life drawn in Manga and ideas to celebrate Happy Valentine

[Valentine’s Day Special Interview with manga artist] A married life drawn in Manga and ideas to celebrate Happy Valentine

[Valentine’s Day Special Interview with manga artist] A married life drawn in Manga and ideas to celebrate Happy Valentine. Ringi

Are you ready for Valentine's Day 2023? So is Ringi! We recently conducted an exclusive interview with Ringi’s Instagram ambassador, the couple manga artist Mr. Suguru Sakawa. He is a graphic designer and web designer who is drawing the couple manga "Yuki and Taku," which is currently growing the interest of the audience. This manga is not just fiction, but based on the couple's real-life experiences of love, laughter, and all the ups and downs that come with marriage. In this article we will dive into the interview discussion and share the ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day from talented manga artist. Then, let’s get into the interview content!

Valentine's Day Special Interview: About Mr. Suguru Sakawa, Married Couple Manga Artist

In his twenties, he honed his skills working for advertising agencies and printing companies, doing everything from magazine design to flyers, brochures and web production. For 16 years, he was involved in every process in the printing company, mastering everything from shooting to Web coding and design.

But Sakawa had bigger dreams. He wanted to take his design skills to the next level and create something truly unique, from scratch. He was determined to go from zero to one and make a name for himself in the world of content creation.

Valentine's Day Special Interview:Background of the Birth of the Couple's Manga "Yuki and Taku”

After several years of working for a printing company, Sakawa decided to start his own independent business. With his extensive experience in design, he was ready to take the leap and create something truly unique. This is how the manga "Yuki and Taku" was born.

"Yuki and Taku" is a true-to-life manga that tells the story of a childless couple. It began as a personal project that Sakawa worked on in his spare time while also combining his work as a designer. The manga reflects the lifestyle of Sakawa and his wife, whom he met at the age of 34 when he took a yoga class she taught. After a period of dating and more than five years of marriage, the couple maintain their strong relationship to this day.

Sakawa has also taken on the role of Ringi's Instagram ambassador. He continues to share his passion for design and storytelling through his work and creative efforts.

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When asked about his wife's perception of the manga, which is inspired by the everyday life of a married couple, Sakawa shared a touching story. He recalls his manga's beginnings, "It has a positive impact on our relationship as a couple. The hilarious events depicted in the manga always make my wife laugh, and because we can see our way of life through the manga, we can learn a lot of good things about each other." The conversation was warm and comforting, highlighting the special bond between Sakawa and his wife and how their shared events have brought them closer together through the creation of this manga.

Valentine's Day Special Interview:Ideas from couple’s manga artist how to spend Valentine’s day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we couldn't help but ask Sakawa about his plans for this occasion. Sakawa, who doesn't like to bother about the holidays, expects his wife, as in previous years, to indulge him with chocolates for Valentine's Day. For a week or so, he will be enjoying his wife's favorite chocolates at a tea time. It's a lovely, charming moment for any married couple, especially for Sakawa, who can enjoy this special time with his wife, thanks to his work at home as a designer and a manga artist. It's a nice reminder of the little joys of married life.

Valentine's Day special Dinner and Date night

Valentine's Day is not only a day to celebrate love, but also an opportunity to create special memories together, and Sakawa and his wife are no exception. We asked him about his Valentine's Day dinner plans, and he told us that since his wife has a birthday coming up, they often choose to "date night at home" on Valentine's Day and then celebrate the birthday at a restaurant. The perfect way to get the most out of the holiday!

Also, Sakawa taking over the cooking and happy to ask his wife what she likes on the menu. The Valentine's Day dinner menu is a surprise, but he said that since he cooked Japanese food (chikuzen-ni) for New Year's Day, he plans to cook Western food for Valentine's Day. Obviously, the couple likes to celebrate seasonal events together, making each one unique and memorable.

Valentine's Day Special Interview:Some thoughts about tech and the Ringi app

As a designer and manga artist, Sakawa is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his work. He is particularly interested in the world of technology, realizing that it can advance his creations to the next level. He is also actively using the Ringi AI app, and has quickly noticed an increase in the accuracy of AI chat.

Last words from Ringi

Finally, as this article comes to a close and near the end of the interview, we'd like to thank you for reading to this line. We are looking forward for further developments in the “Yuki and Taku” couple's manga and wish Sakawa all the best!

And if you haven't yet tried Ringi, the AI app for couples that “Yuki and Taku” also use, give it a try and see how technology can improve your relationship.

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