Discovering the Secret to a Happy Marriage: An Interview with a YouTuber Couple and Beginner's Voice Trainers

Discovering the Secret to a Happy Marriage: An Interview with a YouTuber Couple and Beginner's Voice Trainers

Discovering the Secret to a Happy Marriage: An Interview with a YouTuber Couple and Beginner's Voice Trainers. Ringi

With the growing interest in YouTuber couples who share their lives online, we recently had the pleasure of interviewing the "Lunlun fufu" – Taka and Tomo, husband and wife, who are the official ambassadors of Ringi, an AI application designed for married couples and romantic partners.

Meet Lunlun fufu

Lunlun fufu are a married couple who share a love for music and work as voice trainers. They aim to help beginners develop a love for their own voice and have a large following of students who they work with daily. Formerly, they worked as vocal instructors for a community-based school, but after establishing themselves as a couple, they decided to venture out on their own. They are a rare duo of "married voice trainers."

Who should take voice training classes?

Lunlun fufu mostly trains beginners who want to improve their voice but are too shy or embarrassed to practice. If you want to improve your voice for any reason, you should give them a try! Voice training isn't just for professionals; it can be useful for everyday people too. You might discover a whole new world once you build up the courage to try it.

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The Secret to a Happy Marriage

During the interview, we noticed that the Lunlun fufu frequently looked at each other. We asked them about the secret to a happy marriage, and we would like to share their answer with you.

Tips from Lunlun fufu

They believe it's important to be grateful for small things and to be considerate of each other. As business partners and a married couple, they face similar worries and stresses in their work. To work happily every day, it's essential to be aware of each other's physical and mental state. For example, the wife reads her husband's mood from his expressions and prepares delicious meals to cheer him up when he's feeling down. The husband tries to stay calm and improve the situation when his wife is in a bad mood. You can learn not only voice training but also the secret to a happy marriage from Lunlun fufu.

Video Introducing Ringi's Official Ambassadors Lunlun fufu

If you want to learn more about Lunlun fufu and their relationship, check out their video. They talk about their marriage and the secret to their happiness.

Thoughts on Using the Ringi AI App

Lunlun fufu highly recommend the Ringi AI app for busy couples who want to share small daily changes in their mood that are difficult to put into words. The app can help maintain a good relationship between partners. They also mentioned that the couple game, where partners guess each other's answers, has received positive feedback. If you haven't tried the Ringi app yet, why not give it a try and upgrade your relationship?

Why not upgrade your relationship with Ringi, an AI app for couples?

Ringi ambassadors:

  • Lunlun fufu

  • A married couple of active voice trainers, who graduated from a music university and hold more than 100 sessions annually. Despite being in their 5th year of marriage, they are still mistaken for newlyweds due to their close relationship. They have extensive teaching experience ranging from beginners to professionals, including actors, idols, YouTubers, housewives, and company employees. They offer lessons tailored to each individual at their studio in Tokyo. In addition to lesson instruction, they also offer recording, vocal mixing, and other services to interested students.

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