[Introducing Ringi] AI app for happier marriage and romantic relationship

[Introducing Ringi] AI app for happier marriage and romantic relationship


[Intro] Why it is important

In the past, people learned from their relatives and parents about how to build romantic relationship, how to keep marriage, and how to be a family. Then there were scientists who studied relationship theory, love, and offered ways of how to build a better relationship. Now there are many professionals who are also well versed in human psychology and produce many useful materials on this topic. But many still follow a model in which a person just adopts the experience of their parents or their environment, remaining conservative to use new and novel methods suggested by the times.

If you compare this to the field of work, business, a person is very willing to follow updates to learn the latest trends and improve. So why not master the skills of building important warm relationship with the same desire? Self-improvement is not only about career, but also about relationships. Without balance, a person will still feel the emptiness and dissatisfaction.

It is inherently human to want to be loved and to feel that one is meaningful to someone. We are a medium that reminds everyone of the importance of relationships and love. We want to create a space for happiness, love and healthy relationships of people who value each other in this world of people running after achievements and higher career goals.

[Timing] FamTech means Family Technology

Technology today is a convenient way to manage many processes, both at work and for family and marriage. There are many handy tools that people use to be more efficient, more productive and reduce time and costs by implementing smart solutions at work. Similarly, platforms that allow families to control budgets, share memories in albums, and set calendar events for all family members are other examples of smart solutions that help make some family matters easier. Another question is how people improve their communication skills with their partners, learning how to interact during stressful times that everyone in a relationship has. Technology can also be a smart solution to this matter - allowing people to maintain their marriage using AI app. Get the relevant information on their smartphone that has already been personalized for the user. Interact with a partner using certain functions to understand each other even better.

[New solution in FamTech] About Ringi AI app

Ringi is a new step in technology that can be used in relationship matters. It is easy to use for personal growth as a partner. There is no need to share concerns with others such as relatives, friends to get advice, but instead get a personalized plan on how to work on the relationship, receive notifications of partner's updates and moods to be able to interact smoothly and smarter.

Ringi is a combination of technology and science. The personalization of plans is automated, and the methodologies and theories behind them are the work of the Ringi team in cooperation with family therapists, coaches, professionals with extensive experience in the field of marriage and romantic relationships. Additional functions are designed to keep up the interaction between partners in a daily basis, better understand each other’s needs and remind themselves the importance of each other.

Supportive relationships positively impact psychological well-being:

As an adult, everyone experiences stress at work, there may be financial problems, difficulties with co-workers, discouragement, and anger at unresolved circumstances. One way or another, a person needs the support of loved ones, which is the partner with whom they share adulthood. Research by psychologists has shown that positive couple relationships contribute to emotional well-being. Which means a well-built marriage relationship with a partner can serve as a foundation to better endure hardships and maintain emotional health. Consequently, prioritizing the maintenance of healthy relationships and increasing awareness about supportive relationships and effective communication can have an overall impact on improving the well-being of the population.

How healthy employee marriage relationships affect company performance:

One of the factors negatively influencing motivation and behavior at work is experiencing any family problems at the moment, stressful communication with a partner. The atmosphere in which a person lives in their family can affect their well-being and mood, hence, having a stressful situation with a partner at home, they may be less motivated and more stressed, which prevents them from working effectively to achieve company goals. One study showed that managers’ family conflicts can affect subordinates. This is because high levels of work-family conflict in managers cause them to be more focused on core tasks, to the detriment of caring about the emotional well-being of subordinates. Thus, the theoretical model provides evidence that managers' negative experiences with work and family are transmitted to their subordinates.

As human beings, we tend to bring some problems from home to work, which affects our behavior at work. This means that by taking care of healthy relationships and maintaining good communication at home, people can remain effective at work. This leads to higher productivity, which consequently meets company requirements and leads to growth. It is the cultural aspect of the company structure that should be considered as one of the important determinants of performance.

Last words from Ringi

We believe that Ringi will have a big impact on society and raise awareness about the importance of relationships. We are working hard to improve the app and really want to provide value to every user.

Right now, you can try out the beta version of Ringi. To do so, you need to leave an application on the form.

Why not upgrade your relationship with Ringi, an AI app for couples?

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